Wednesday, September 12, 2012



ISRAEL CONTINUES TO flaunt its illegality before signatories to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, the world community and in derogation of the UN Secretary General's admonition to Israel on Israeli illegal nuclear weaponry and "uninspected Negev NK facility."
Israeli hypocracy and arrogance, by refusing IAEA inspections and shunning membership under the NUCLEAR NON PROLIFERATION TREATY, makes hollow their reliance on the claimed deficient "moral" standards of the world community.
At the same time, IRAN has been subjected to repeated IAEA inspections and has placed its reliance on nuclear facility construction on Russia for the past twenty (20) years. The IAEA has NOT found any evidence of weapons grade plutonium being manufactured by Iran.
Iran has complied with notice requirements of the IAEA, by sending IAEA Notification of upgrading their plutonium enrichment to medical standards. These standards are far removed and a long way from weapons grade plutonium.
In contrast, upon Israel's theft of plutonium from the US by hijacking a truck on Interstate Hwy 80 in Pennsylvania, it has engaged in a consistent course of "exclusively" holding and manufacturing nuclear weapons as a threat to stability of the Mid East.
A simple dynamic: Israel should engage in Nuclear Disarmament and signatories to the NPT and the IAEA will  ensure Iran's peaceful use of nuclear energy for medical Radio-Isotopes only.
Israel's NPT membership will then shed its veil of hypocracy and remove its distasteful Bogart threats of being a nuclear power and middle eastern thug.    
The distinguished Harvard professor and author of "LIMITED WAR IN A NUCLEAR AGE," Morton Halperin, would have it no other way...

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