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 UPDATE:  07/28/2014  1:45pm

UPDATE: ZIMBABWEAN WILDLIFE PARKS MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY issued an announcement on their continuing investigation into the killing of Cecil, a well recognized Parks Reserve lion. "All parties have been charged..." The Authority has indicated that no hunt quota permits were issued to the landowner on which Cecil had been hunted. Here is the latest announcement,
" In this case, both the professional hunter and land owner had no permit or quota to justify the offtake of ...the lion and therefore are liable for the illegal hunt.
Both professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst’s licence number 553 who was involved in the hunt and the owner of Antoinette farm, Mr. Honest Trymore Ndlovu are being jointly charged for illegally hunting the lion. The two are due to appear in court on Wednesday, 29 July 2015. Efforts are being made to interview the other professional hunter, Zane Bronkhorst, licence number 558, who was also involved in the illegal hunt."

This is an unfortunate development as it reflects poorly on the ethical hunting community
THE MINNESOTA DENTIST who is a "world class big game trophy bow hunter" and who is in the news for killing Zimbabwe's national pet lion named Cecil, is the wrong person to blame for the travesty.
The big game Safari hunt that this dentist had paid for, runs nearly $100,000.00 in total expenses, with lion trophy permit fees alone costing $50,000.00+. The dentist was on a guided hunt. Unless he knew that the guides had set him up in a spot in proximity to the National Wildlife Parks Reserve, he cannot be held responsible for the accidental shooting of "Cecil the lion."
Cecil was shot by bow on legally permitted hunting grounds. However, from reports and the criminal charges filed against the Guides, it appears that Cecil had been lured from the National Wildlife Reserve onto the legal hunting grounds. In hunting, this is referred to as "fence-sitting." It is a dastardly practice, where a hunter sets up next to another person's boundary or fence and waits for game to come over the fence or shoots the animal on the other property and rushes over to retrieve it. This is an illegal practice, which is subject to loss of hunting licenses and fines.

The dentist stated that he assumed the hunt was legal and that all permits had been taken care of by the Guided Safari Hunt Co.

The dentist is correct.

Critics are now accusing the dentist of hunting other big trophy game, which make up his (also very expensive) collection of mounted trophies.

That criticism is naïve.

Zimbabwe, South Africa and other African countries offer a very limited amount of Big Game Trophy Hunt permits. These permits typically cost more than $30,000.00 and up to $55,000.00 for a lion, depending on the rarity of the animal that the permit allows.
Other expenses drive these Safari hunts to close to $100,000.00 in total expenses.
Critics who clamor and call to "stop killing innocent animals" may end up "shooting themselves in the foot."   Zimbabwe and other countries depend on this revenue to afford maintenance and management of the Wildlife Reserves.

These Big Game fees pay to expand and manage animal populations in the Wildlife Reserves. These hunt fees pay to restore endangered and restricted wildlife populations.

Without the financial ability of big game hunters like the dentist in Minnesota, National Wildlife Reserves would have very little to offer to world tourists and to future generations.
Wildlife populations in the National Parks would diminish and die off a slow death.

By stopping Big Game Safari hunts, anti-big game hunting protestors will find themselves celebrating their victory like the tragic Alboin of the Inquisition, by drinking from the skull of
one of  many starved Park Reserve lions.


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THE HILLARY STANDARD: Republicans out of control


 THE HILLARY STANDARD: Republicans out of control


HILLARY CLINTON is scheduled to be "raked over the coals" by an out of control Republican partisan congress this week.
I understand that Hillary misjudged the Benghazi attack on our Embassy, thinking that it was a political demonstration. However, no other Secretary of State was held responsible for an unanticipated sudden attack against our Embassies or staff around the world. Secretary of  State Clinton was placed in a position of having to make a remote assessment of a fluid, fast paced situation.  The quality of her assessment was equal to the quality of the information given to her.  The Benghazi attack was a surprise, without any advance notice. 
I KNOW PERSONALLY that we had advance notice of the potential attack on our Embassy in Tehran in 1979.... Yet no one was held responsible and "raked over the coals" like Hillary is having done to her.    

On January 5, 1979 at O'Hare Airport, I was standing earshot to the family and friends of one of our Embassy staffers who had just arrived from our Embassy in Tehran. She exclaimed, "...God. I'm so happy to be home. You can't believe how happy I am to be home. I can literally kiss the ground. ... That place is ready to explode. They are on the rooftops calling to each other every night. Everyone is so scared..."

In November of 1979, the Khomeini Revolutionary Guard commandos took our Embassy staffers hostage. We had advance notice of an impending disruption. We did nothing to protect our staffers. No one was held responsible for the misfeasance. Hillary should not be subject to a standard that has never been applied before

Tuesday, July 14, 2015



PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL DONALD Trump has been campaigning throughout the country and politicking on a platform of higher and stronger walls and bigger and stronger prosecution for all border-crossing Mexicano families

These are the families who have calculated that the prospect of achieving American Liberty and Property, far outweighs the risk of being caught and prosecuted for their illegal entry into the United States.   

The Donald being a Wharton School MBA graduate, recognizes the economic nuances of Mexicano marketplace competition.  He has blasted this Meh-i-cano assessment of American compassion, opportunity and easy access.

Also entering this Presidential insanity trail is the notorious El Chapo.
El Chapo is a duly self-made President himself, of sorts.

El Chapo as the world well knows, is the number one drug cartel kingpin in all of Cartel Meh-i-co.   

As the international wire services have verified, El Chapo “don’t need no stinkin prison walls” to keep him from pursuing his special vision of Liberty and Property. 

Having gotten the news of The Donald’s trivializing the worth of Mexicanos, compared to
the value of a higher border wall, El Chapo being a newly escaped prisoner from MAXIMUM security, boldly tweeted The Donald with a threat couched in fluent American profanity. 

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is unfazed by El Chapo’s threat.

I am relatively certain that The Donald does not know the story of “the reach,” which has gone down into the annals of Mafia influence and distorted notions of loyalty.

This true story characterizes a top ranking Mafioso who left behind a stunningly attractive wife, when the jail doors clanged behind him.  
His spoken word quickly circulated, “to take care of his wife and family.” 
Loyalty and fear did just that.  His wife and family were well cared for.

But, the unspoken word was “you don’t fool with his woman.”

This ruthless El Chapo-like Capo soon died in prison. 

Being dead, buried and gone, one of the Don Juan mobsters began to openly date and sleep with the dead Capo’s widowed wife. 

And this “Joie de vivre,”  lover of life Don Juan was quickly found dead from an unfortunate collision with bullets. His name was scratched off the hit list.

In the annals of Mobster power it is said that “The hit was ordered from the grave.”   

And it is not a stretch to put El Chapo and that Capo who held graveside court, in the same incredibly dangerous category of killers. 

Tweeting ruthless fear is one thing. 
But interjecting himself into the U.S. presidential insanity trail
is a whole different level of El Chapo reach.