Sunday, July 26, 2015

THE HILLARY STANDARD: Republicans out of control


 THE HILLARY STANDARD: Republicans out of control


HILLARY CLINTON is scheduled to be "raked over the coals" by an out of control Republican partisan congress this week.
I understand that Hillary misjudged the Benghazi attack on our Embassy, thinking that it was a political demonstration. However, no other Secretary of State was held responsible for an unanticipated sudden attack against our Embassies or staff around the world. Secretary of  State Clinton was placed in a position of having to make a remote assessment of a fluid, fast paced situation.  The quality of her assessment was equal to the quality of the information given to her.  The Benghazi attack was a surprise, without any advance notice. 
I KNOW PERSONALLY that we had advance notice of the potential attack on our Embassy in Tehran in 1979.... Yet no one was held responsible and "raked over the coals" like Hillary is having done to her.    

On January 5, 1979 at O'Hare Airport, I was standing earshot to the family and friends of one of our Embassy staffers who had just arrived from our Embassy in Tehran. She exclaimed, "...God. I'm so happy to be home. You can't believe how happy I am to be home. I can literally kiss the ground. ... That place is ready to explode. They are on the rooftops calling to each other every night. Everyone is so scared..."

In November of 1979, the Khomeini Revolutionary Guard commandos took our Embassy staffers hostage. We had advance notice of an impending disruption. We did nothing to protect our staffers. No one was held responsible for the misfeasance. Hillary should not be subject to a standard that has never been applied before

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