Tuesday, July 14, 2015



PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL DONALD Trump has been campaigning throughout the country and politicking on a platform of higher and stronger walls and bigger and stronger prosecution for all border-crossing Mexicano families

These are the families who have calculated that the prospect of achieving American Liberty and Property, far outweighs the risk of being caught and prosecuted for their illegal entry into the United States.   

The Donald being a Wharton School MBA graduate, recognizes the economic nuances of Mexicano marketplace competition.  He has blasted this Meh-i-cano assessment of American compassion, opportunity and easy access.

Also entering this Presidential insanity trail is the notorious El Chapo.
El Chapo is a duly self-made President himself, of sorts.

El Chapo as the world well knows, is the number one drug cartel kingpin in all of Cartel Meh-i-co.   

As the international wire services have verified, El Chapo “don’t need no stinkin prison walls” to keep him from pursuing his special vision of Liberty and Property. 

Having gotten the news of The Donald’s trivializing the worth of Mexicanos, compared to
the value of a higher border wall, El Chapo being a newly escaped prisoner from MAXIMUM security, boldly tweeted The Donald with a threat couched in fluent American profanity. 

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is unfazed by El Chapo’s threat.

I am relatively certain that The Donald does not know the story of “the reach,” which has gone down into the annals of Mafia influence and distorted notions of loyalty.

This true story characterizes a top ranking Mafioso who left behind a stunningly attractive wife, when the jail doors clanged behind him.  
His spoken word quickly circulated, “to take care of his wife and family.” 
Loyalty and fear did just that.  His wife and family were well cared for.

But, the unspoken word was “you don’t fool with his woman.”

This ruthless El Chapo-like Capo soon died in prison. 

Being dead, buried and gone, one of the Don Juan mobsters began to openly date and sleep with the dead Capo’s widowed wife. 

And this “Joie de vivre,”  lover of life Don Juan was quickly found dead from an unfortunate collision with bullets. His name was scratched off the hit list.

In the annals of Mobster power it is said that “The hit was ordered from the grave.”   

And it is not a stretch to put El Chapo and that Capo who held graveside court, in the same incredibly dangerous category of killers. 

Tweeting ruthless fear is one thing. 
But interjecting himself into the U.S. presidential insanity trail
is a whole different level of El Chapo reach. 


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