Thursday, December 3, 2009


A REVIEW OF citations of my online username, rayoliveresq, revealed that a publisher's site has quoted me on the topic of Jack Ruby.

The publisher's site is devoted to a discussion of the evidence which supposedly continues to support the idea, that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby were part of a larger conspiracy to assassinate President Jack Kennedy.

Let me put the suspicion of Jack Ruby's role in "knocking off" Lee Oswald to rest.

I will resolve the issue of whether Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, as part of a larger conspiracy to eliminate Oswald's disclosure of participants in a suspected conspiracy.

And what I tell you here, should be taken as "Gospel."

My constitutional law seminar professor, was Chicago famed attorney, ELMER GERTZ.
Professor Gertz achieved distinction as a trial attorney in Chicago and nationally, by representing clients in high profile cases.

Some of Professor Gertz's clients included author Henry Miller. Gertz defended Henry Miller in numerous obscenity criminal cases against Miller throughout the country. Author Miller was charged with violation of criminal obscenity statutes for his book "Tropic of Cancer."

Further, Professor Gertz represented Nathan Leopold in an appeal, after Clarence Darrow lost his defense of Leopold in the notorious Chicago murder trial against U of Chicago student, Nathan Leopold.

Gertz is also distinguished by his US Supreme Ct case of Gertz v. Welch. In Gertz v. Welch, the United States Supreme Court defined a "public figure" for purposes of liability in defamation lawsuits. The landmark US Supreme Ct case of New York Times v. Sullivan, later extended the law created in the the Gertz case.

And...Professor Gertz represented JACK RUBY.

In 1978 Professor Gertz discussed his role in representing Jack Ruby. Gertz told our small seminar class that he could disclose his client's communications to him, because Ruby had died.

Professor Gertz REVEALED that in the numerous attorney-client conferences he had with Jack Ruby, his client had maintained the position that he shot Oswald because he was "angered" by Oswald's shooting of the president.

We were told by Professor Gertz that "no evidence" existed to indicate that Ruby was lying to his attorney.

Gertz was convinced, without a doubt, that Jack Ruby acted alone and in a vindictive rage against Oswald for killing Ruby's favored president.

No conspiracy existed.

I later discussed Jack Ruby with Professor Gertz, while I had conferences with him on my legal paper, which analyzed the US Supreme Ct "liberty & entitlement" teacher tenure cases, of Perry v. Sinderman and Bd of Regents v. Roth.

Professor Gertz was unwaivering in his position that "no conspiracy existed" in the assassination of President Kennedy, based on his confidentiality with Jack Ruby.

He was straightforward in his affirmation that "Jack Ruby acted alone."

Therefore, those who proclaim loudly that a conspiracy existed, should listen closely for their "hollow echo."

By hearing their echo, they might learn the importance of an attorney's trained ear.

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  1. NOTE: Nothing that professor Gertz revealed regarding Jack Ruby's motive, can be construed as a secret communication between attorney and client subject to Attorney - Client confidentiality. Professor Gertz was adamant that Ruby acted alone in a fit of vengeance against Oswald, because Oswald killed Ruby's most favorite president.

    Clearly, by asserting Ruby's innocence as a conspirator, based on an attorney's special relationship to a criminal defendant client, Elmer Gertz had bolstered Ruby's credibility with his own commitment to veracity. ... Ruby acted alone.