Friday, December 16, 2016

LIGHTING THE NEAR EAST DYNAMITE BOX: Friedman and His Fanatic Islamic Counterparts

LIGHTING THE NEAR EAST DYNAMITE BOX:  Friedman and His Fanatic Islamic Counterparts

(There are occasions when extreme journalism is necessary to impart urgency.  This is one of those situations.)

THE APPOINTMENT OF David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel is a disgrace and a spit upon international law and the world community.
Friedman is an augmented tendril of the Netanyahu Third Reich government established by Netanyahu's ultra conservative group.
These are fanatical people who have a callous disregard for international law, the UN Charter, UN Resolutions, Law of War on Land (1907) and the post Napoleonic Era prohibiting one country's acquisition of land by annexation of another country's territory.
Friedman, like Netanyahu's ultra fascists, subscribes to the belief that Eretz Israel has a "biblical right" to all of Jerusalem and all of Palestine.
These are people who are cut of the same cloth of ISIS / IS. They are driven by religious fanaticism, in derogation of law. Like the warped heads of Islamic terrorists who believe Islam is destined to be the theological power in the world, so too are these Judaic fanatics who believe that their theology is destined to disrupt a world governed by laws.
These are equally sick, fanatical Islamic and Judaic religious drunks.
There is an unquestionable legal status of Jerusalem, that undermines the warped fanaticism of religious drunks like Friedman, who believe that G-d instructs them to conquer and steal, the same way that ISL fanatics are driven to biblical beheadings.
They are no different.
The UN in 1947 partitioned Palestine under the UN Resolution for the Partition of Palestine 1947. At that time, after Palestine was destabilized by terrorist groups, like the IRGUN murderers headed by Menachim Begin, who blew up the King David Hotel, murdering British officers and other innocents, the Zionist Political Party was given 78% of Palestine to establish the state of Israel.
Israel declared independence in 1948. The legitimacy of Israel arises from recognition and creation by UN Resolution. The legitimacy of Israel does not arise from warped, religious notions of theological supremacy.
That Partition Plan granted West Jerusalem to the Zionist Party, while East (Old) Jerusalem remained within the proper state of Palestine. Old Jerusalem was NOT included in the UN Partition Plan which created Israel. It remains, under all applicable laws, a part of Palestine.
Neither the 1967 Arab-Israeli War or any subsequent action has conferred Israel any sovereignty over East Jerusalem. No laws or actions have granted Israel any greater right over those areas in which Israel continues its invasion of Palestine, through construction of housing units for Israelis, than the rights limited to Israel's boundaries created in 1947.
Under the Geneva Convention provisions, custom and protocols, Israel is a "Foreign Military Occupying Power" in East Jerusalem.
Nothing has changed that international law and legal status of Jerusalem. This legal status has not changed, despite the massive disinformation campaign to portray Jerusalem as some area of land that is "up for grabs" by two competing parties.
East Jerusalem was never a part of the land partitioned off from Palestine, that was given to the Zionist Political Party. 
This is not an argument. This is a legal fact.
An "Occupying Power" under the Geneva Convention has nothing to negotiate. The Israeli Occupying Power in East Jerusalem and throughout the territories of Palestine is simply under a legal obligation to withdraw from all occupying territories, belonging to Palestine.
Borders of a country do not change, because one newly created country has been given billions in military arms, to exercise threat over another established indigenous people and their country.
David Friedman is a religious drunk. He is the mirror image of the Islamic terrorists who find joy in cutting off the heads of others who refuse to believe in their sick interpretation of a god.
If David Friedman's nomination is approved, it will be the US' striking a match and putting its face close to light the Near East dynamite box.

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