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REPLY TO MATHABA NEWS NETWORK: Haiti disaster, natural or man made

REPLY TO MATHABA NEWS NETWORK:  Haiti disaster, natural or man made

THE JANUARY 28th ONLINE article posted by Lendman of Mathaba News Network , surprisingly takes the first step toward responsible journalism by Mathaba.   Mathaba News Network is one of the largest digital multi-platform news distribution services in the world.

In addition to being one of the largest information transmittal companies, Mathaba has achieved the distinction of disseminating stories that typically contain bizarre accusations which are written without credible sources.  Mathaba is a purported news distribution service, which is in fact an "off the wall" propaganda branch of a government that apparently presents itself through its articles, as being hostile to the US.

The recent article "Haiti`s Earthquake: Natural or Engineered?" which was written by one of MNN's creative writing staff, outlines the theoretical causes of manmade environmental disasters, like earthquakes.

The distinction this time, was that its author Lendman, did not make unsourced or bizarre accusations in the article.

There are no bizzare accusations that the US caused the earthquake.  Lendman implies however, that a SOUTHCOM officer was in Haiti and that this presence may evidence that the US was preparing for a potential environmental disaster from planned testing.

Unfortunately, the author in the typical Mathaba vein, fails to identify his source for saying that a SOUTHCOM official was present in Haiti or even proving the existence of that official.

Responsible journalism requires that Lendman publish the source of his infomation to prove, that SOUTHCOM PK Keen, was in Haiti for disaster simulation one day before the quake.  Minimally, Lendman should assert that reliable sources provided the information, but that those sources would remain confidential. 

Responsible journalism never happens with Mathaba.

Responsible reporting in this article is coincidently achieved by the writer's decision not to make an insane accusation, in the absence of any facts to support the accusation. 

Personally, I believe that Mr. Lendman's hypothesis of US advance knowledge of potential environmental disaster from ordnance experiments is shaky. 

The article demonstrates specious reasoning.

It is more logical, that if the US planned tectonic experimentation, then SOUTHCOM Keen and others would have been in Haiti a lot earlier than merely one day ahead of the hypothesised environmental disaster.

Also, sources need to be cited for the various US military experimental programs that Mr. Lendman describes.

If they are not attributed to a source, they lack credibility.

Like other responsible news services, MATHABA needs to file a FOI request with the US Navy to determine if any experimental testing was performed in proximity of Haiti on or around date of the tragic and catastrophic earthquake.

At this point, Mr. Lendman's article is merely an interesting outline of causes which theoretically may contribute to environmental disruption.

But, then again, even these theories are not attributed to any source.   Therefore, the theories  present themselves as some "pie in the sky" fantasy of Mathaba News Network's staff of creative writers.

It becomes exasperating at some point.

Would you waste your nickel if Mathaba were being hawked by some corner newspaper carrier kid? 

My nickel is better spent.

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