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Empowering Women in Commerce

U.S. Department of State Blog

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Barry Bynum :  How about empowering Jewish Women in Jerusalem who need a house!
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Ray Oliver:   How about UN Sec Gen Ban announcing ISR settlements in occupied territories violate International Law? How about UN Fact Finding Mission into Palestine- Goldstone Report? War crimes with impugnity? Mr. Bynuum. Illegal settlements must stop and ISR global criminal behavior in UK, Dubai and other countries must not continue with impugnity. That is the only paradigm for mid east peace.
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Fouroneworld Usaglobalcom Good Community, Empowerment and Foreign Affairs program.
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Terry Barker:   No, Ray, it is not the paradigm for peace in the mid east, and the piling on of misapplication of whatever international law is will not help. The monstrous anti-Israel campaign of the self-serving surrounding nations is ridiculous and disingenuous. The tiny nation of Israel cannot be the scapegoat for the vast middle east problems that have existed for hundreds of years.
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Ray Oliver:   Terry, the application of international and domestic laws does not depend on the size of a nation. Simply, ISR settlements in occupied territories is a violation of international law. The world community does not recognize ISR unilateral attempts to annex occupied territories. The UN Sec Gen announced the other day, that ISR settlements are international law violations and "must stop."

In Gaza, 1400 civilians were murdered, shot like fish in a barrel. The UN Fact Finding Mission evidences these atrocities. ISR's diplomat was expelled from UK, Dubai because of ISR's violation of the laws of those countries. ISR has an illegal atomic weapons program, which is outside of IAEA inspections. ISR is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

I was personally informed by a member of the UN Peacekeeping staff, that ISR specifically targeted the UN Peackeeping facilities. (He is an alumni (sic) alumnus of my university and is Irish)...

ISR recently made it illegal for Palestinians to recognize a day of rememberance for the loss of thier their country. This violation of a fundamental right of humans to express themselves is condemned by the world community. When does ISR's violation of international laws and the ignoring the demands of the world community stop?

I have written, that I am "bi prolar." I am pro Israel and pro Palestinian. It is time for Israel to be held accountable for its wilfull and wanton actions. ISR has no incentive for peace, where it enjoys unchecked, global gangster conduct with impugnity. This model needs to change.
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Ray Oliver:   Excuse me: corrections: "their" "alumnus"
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