Tuesday, August 31, 2010


INSTITUTIONAL MORALITY:  responsible government in conflict zones

News reports of the Palestinian gunman who killed four Israelis in Hebron today, highlight the higher duty to protect innocent people that "conflict zone governments" have.

The crazed Palestinian gunman's actions are reprehensible.

Hamas' reported "support of the gunman" is equally reprehensible.

Although Hamas has not announced responsibility for the murders, Hamas' reported public statement of support places Hamas in the shoes of the gunman.

All rational people acknowledge that the incomprehensible inhumanity of Israelis against Palestinians and Palestinians against Israelis is an insane cycle of each state's subjugation of human dignity to the level of stepped on weeds.

This insane cycle of immorality and murder must stop.

Where one conflict zone government inflicts thousands of deaths on the other and the other inflicts tens of deaths, each government is equally responsible and condemned for causing the death of a single person.

All governments which are politically institutionalized in a conflict zone have a higher and global duty to protect innocent lives from the criminals within their state's boundaries.

Like principles of physics, every political event, condition and incident of national rage is a mixture of right and wrong reasons which led to a catastrophic event.

But make no mistake about it. 

When a conflict zone government fails to protect and punish for murderous, recalcitrant behavior by their citizens, no reason will absolve that government from responsibility.

The mixture of seemingly right reasons and apparent justifiable rage, dissolves into the shadows of the monumental guilt for the death of innocent lives.

At this point Hamas stands as that monument of guilt.

Moral governments do not view the murder of four innocent people as a "tiny" event in a decades-long continuum of murder and destruction by each state.

Moral governments do not kill innocent people as a public statement of opposition to another government's actions.

The killing of four Israelis today is a single catastrophic event.

It is not part of a continuum. 

Self deception does not make it part of a continuum either.

The killings are irrelevant to past, present or future events.  The killings cannot be rationalized as a statement of revenge or condemnation of past or present actions.

The killing of four Israelis today, stands alone as a single murderous event.

And the Hamas conflict zone institutionalized government is now responsible for those actions.

Although Hamas is recognized by its electorate as their representative tool against oppression and opposition to a foreign government's aggrandizement of their liberty and property, Hamas is reduced to a tool of international terror.

Today's event legitimizes the world community's stigma that Hamas is "exclusively" a terrorist organization.

The international stigma is unfortunate.

But, today's murders and announced public support, evidences that the stigma is well earned.

Ray Oliver, Esq.
(c)copyright oliver 2010

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