Tuesday, November 29, 2016

COMPUTER HACKING:  Did Foreign Intervention Install a US Government?

COMPUTER HACKING:  Did Foreign Intervention Install a US Government?


By: Ray Oliver New York Metropolitan Area-OliverNewMedia

NPR NEWS ANNOUNCED on November 28th that, computer experts at the University of Michigan have informed the California Election Board that voter returns could have been hacked.  This announcement is welcoming news for different reasons.

First, Michigan is the first public announcement, following my earlier articles, that there might be a connection between the earlier "scanning and probing" cyber attack and a potential cyber attack on our election’s computer voter returns.  The New York Times earlier reported that a cyber attack
NYT cyber attack  was conducted by a foreign government.  The foreign government attacked by “scanning and probing state voter registration rolls,” across the United States prior to the election.   The director of the National Security Agency refused to attribute the attack to the Russian government.  A different government used a Russian company to scan and probe state voter registration rolls across the US prior to the national election.

Secondly, having selected the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, for the computational analysis was the perfect selection. It is encouraging that some had the intelligence to know where to go for this serious national issue.

There is no better place than Michigan at Ann Arbor to solve this election mystery.
Why is Michigan the perfect place?

The most active and advanced mathematical Supercomputing center is located at the University of Illinois at the Circle Campus.

"Circle" has a longstanding association with our intelligence agencies.  In addition, the university is under significant influence by that foreign government, which will rise to the top of the suspect list for hacking US computer voter returns, if evidence of computer hacking emerges.

That suspected foreign government has influence in the appointment and termination of professors on the Circle campus.  There is a history of that government, acting through local political and religious groups, of creating blacklists on academicians, who are critical of that government and their policies.
Who knows?  We may even discover that the Circle Campus Supercomputer was used in a (potential) cyber attack and distortion of our national election.  Of course, my statement here is speculation.  To use the Circle Campus supercomputing capabilities would require an obliteration of all signatures that the origin of the attack was connected to the CC computer.

This makes use of the Illini Circle supercomputing mathematical center, highly unlikely and improbable.

Michigan at Ann Arbor is the perfect choice, because Michigan's experts are not affected by that potential Circle Campus contamination.

There is another player to watch out for in future developments on the computational analysis playing field of voter returns.

Watch to see if University of Indiana becomes a player in these voter recounts.
Why watch Indiana University?

IU is one of the portals into our intelligence agencies.

Connections are made early at IU for introduction into the Agency (CIA).  Sometimes, these introductions come from University of Illinois at Circle and transfer to IU for further development and assimilation into the intelligence community.

When these voter recounts begin, with the participation of great computational analysts like Michigan at Ann Arbor, we can look forward to a "rockem-sockem" fight on what happened on November 8th.
There is even a potential for an unprecedented constitutional crisis on the legality of an incumbent president, if Swing State votes were distorted.   Additionally, there may be an earth-shaking revelation on just how fool-hearted America has been in its trust of a recidivist hostile agent country, pretending to be our friend.

After all, it was not too long ago that their espionage agent was sentenced to the longest prison term in US modern history, for causing, according to the US Department of Justice and the federal sentencing Judge, "the greatest damage to US national security in history."  This unprecedented foreign government damage to America followed that government's hijacking of a tractor-trailer along Route 80 in Pennsylvania, which carried weapons grade Plutonium.  It is this same foreign government, which smuggled the contraband Plutonium out of the US, callously endangering the lives of millions of Americans along the eastern seaboard.  This rogue government used the US stolen Plutonium to launch an illegal and clandestine nuclear weapons program, manufacturing more than 250 nuclear warheads over the past forty years.

This same government emotionally entrapped a US senior engineer who worked for one of the country's largest chemical companies.  They emotionally forced him to participate in their military top-secret program on Smoke.  It is a recidivist hostile country agent that "handled" their young married, US visiting Research Scientist, to steal academic research information and technology on Ceramics, from a large eastern state university.

It is the same hostile agent country, who during the Nixon administration, continuously stole copies of legislative materials transported for publication, where those materials could not make it across the street from the US Capitol Building to the Government Printing Office, without their embassy in the District secreting copies first.

The list is long.

Flipping a few US computer voter return digits to install a US government that earlier promised to give them their self-perceived Holy Grail, would be no problem for a government with this history.

Are memories so short-lived?


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