Sunday, February 12, 2017


AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING powerful musical program being broadcast on the Arabic Music Program, on WDIY.ORG fm from Allentown, Pa and into Northern New Jersey through translators.
Powerful and moving music.

If you have studied at the college level, Introduction to Classical Music and more advanced music, you recognize the movements, the melody and the synthesis of sound to create full sound from few instruments. There is the pre-Renaissance concerto, created centuries before in Arabic and Lebanese music, where the vocalist sings to the instruments, violin or other instrument and they answer each other.

Leonard Bernstein stated that "music follows language."  He emphasized that music will follow the pronunciation, tone and inflections of its language.  Arabic developed more vowels than Hebrew acquired, after both Arabic and Hebrew were borrowed from the Phoenician Alphabetic language.

Selections in the program included music from Egypt and other regional Arabic music.

Full and emotionally moving groups of pleasant notes is the essence of music.

The vowel derived melody in the spoken words of Arabic, its ancient history from the arrival of the Phoenician Lebanese in their Canaan around 3000 BC is all brought together in the mesmerizing linguistic music of Palestine-Syria-Lebanon, now broadcasting from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Program selections included music from Egypt and other regional Arabic.

A beautiful and important music program today on WDIY.ORG
Ray Oliver
can be reached at: 973.856.8000 or cell phone: 862.276.1505

The author prides himself in having stood on stage with Joe Walsh and The James Gang, having stood next to the great jazz composer and conductor, Stan Kenton, during recording of an album and having been an early scout for the later emerging band, "Kansas." Oliver was introduced to Stan Kenton through his famed music professor, Rogers.
Oliver earlier served as an elected Governor to the Board of Governors for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York Emmy Awards and served as Chair of the ATAS Emmy Awards Membership Committee.

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