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(Paterson, NJ,  Feb. 12, 2017)
REPRESENTATIVE BILL PASCRELL, a former Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey, former state legislator and current resident of Paterson and member of Congress' powerful House Ways and Means Committee, has requested the committee chair, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, to request the US Treasury Department to provide copies of Donald Trump's IRS Tax Returns.

Bill Pascrell is relying on a 1924 provision in the federal statutes that allows congressional committees the power to examine tax returns, if those committees set tax policy.

In explaining his determination to obtain copies of Donald Trump's tax returns, reported by USA Today, Pascrell stated,

“If I get a ‘no’ answer on this, I’ll be very honest with you: If these guys think I’m walking away from this, they’re absolutely nuts," Pascrell commented. "The calls we’re getting, the calls other congressmen are getting, it’s unbelievable, we never expected this.”

Bill Pascrell is a resident of the City of Paterson's 6th Ward, which has a significant, vocal middle eastern constituency.

The 6th Ward has the largest population of Middle Eastern ethnic residents in Paterson. The 6th Ward, commonly referred to as "South Paterson," is also the location of numerous, long ago established, middle eastern businesses along Main Street. South Paterson is similar to the middle eastern business district of Atlantic Street in Brooklyn.

Pascrell was also a leading proponent for the early release of Israeli Mossad agent, Jonathan Pollard.
Pollard had been convicted of espionage and treason against the United States, in what was described by the federal sentencing judge, as "Causing the greatest damage to US National Security in history." Pollard's sentence was commuted by President Obama. After completion of assignment to a half way house, Pollard received a hero's welcome in Israel.

In "Fair Disclosure" under Journalistic Standards, it is noted that this writer served as 6th Ward Leader of Paterson, during his role as Chief Campaign Counsel for the city mayor at the time, Martin "Marty" Barnes in two successful mayoral elections. Marty Barnes was the first African American Mayor of Paterson.
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